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Dr Boland

While preparing a pamphlet on the Statham City Cemetery in Statham, Georgia, I've allowed myself to go off on a tangent from time to time.  In this case, interred in the cemetery was Mattie Owings Boland and two Boland infants with no given names, but identified as the son and daughter of Dr. S.A. & Mattie Boland.  A little searching on the Internet gave me a bit more information.

Descendants of Hamilton F. Boland

First Generation

1. Hamilton F. Boland  was born on 11/24/1829 in South Carolina. He died on 12/03/1903 in South Carolina.

Family Tree for Boland, Goins, Hamer, Cummings, Barnes, Strange, Crouch, Fussell, Goodson,and Lokey has an extensive genealogy of Bolands, as does Descendants of Johann Heinrich Bohland, but both appear to conflict with another genealogy that has Hamilton born in Gwinnett County, Georgia.  I’ve chosen to go with the first.

Hamilton married Matilda Neely . Matilda was born on 05/05/1834 in South Carolina. She died on 05/01/1910 in South Carolina.

They had the following children:

2 F i. Susan A. Boland  was born in <1860> in South Carolina.

+ 3 M ii. Franklin Boland  was born in <1863> in South Carolina.

4 F iii. Matilda Boland  was born in <1867> in South Carolina.

+ 5 M iv. Samuel Arthur Boland  was born on 08/13/1872. He died on 05/24/1939.

6 F v. Vannis Boland  was born in <1876> in South Carolina.

Second Generation

 4.  Franklin Boland was born in August 23, 1863 in South Carolina.  He died on September 1, 1925 in Waterloo, Laurens County, South Carolina.  He was married to Susan Owings. 

5. Dr Samuel Arthur Boland  was born on 08/13/1872 in South Carolina, probably in or near Waterloo in Laurens County.  He died on 05/24/1939 in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia.

Built home on Broad St in Statham abt 1907

Samuel married (1) Mattie Owings, the younger sister of Samuel' brother's wife.  Mattie was born on 03/04/1873. She died on 06/13/1913. She was buried in Statham Cemetery, Statham, Barrow County, Georgia.

Mattie died 13 Jun 1813, same day as her son - most likely in childbirth

Samuel and Mattie had the following children:

7 F i. Boland  "Infant Daughter" died on 07/20/1910. She was buried in Statham Cemetery, Statham, Barrow County, Georgia.

8 M ii. Boland  "Infant Son" died on 06/13/1913. He was buried in Statham Cemetery, Statham, Barrow County, Georgia.

Samuel married (2) Young Hodges  after 06/13/1913. She was born in 1887 in Georgia and died in 1980 in Georgia.  Dr S. Arthur Boland and Young H. Boland  are buried together in Hillcrest Cemetery, Loganville, Walton County, Georgia.

NOTE:  For anyone reading this who knows Statham, the house that Dr Boland built is really just around the corner from the cemetery, now owned by Perry & Beth Barton.


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  2. South Carolina Statutes at Large, Vol. 11, Page 508, Statute No. 3048 conveys the property from the estate of Elizabeth H. Kerr to Hamilton F. Boland in 1848. I have researched the family of the farm hands / possible slaves that lived on the estate.