Wednesday, June 11, 2014

James Victor Andrew

James Victor Andrew
April 28, 1839 - April 17, 1907

James Andrew was born on April 28, 1839 in Elbert County, Georgia to Burley and Catherine Stinchcomb Andrew, and died April  17, 1907 in Statham, Jackson County, GA just 11 days shy of his 68th birthday.

In 1860, James, age 21,  lived in Elberton, Elbert County, Georgia, with his parents, Burley and C (Catherine) Andrew, and a sister, F. Andrew, age 18. James is identified as a mechanic.

On October 26 1860, he married  Lucy Jane Burton who had probably been born about 1838 in Elbert County, Georgia, to Peter W. and Pulutha J. Gaulding Burton.  On May 12, 1862, they gave birth to daughter Saphronia J. Andrew who only lived until July 9, 1864.  On Jun 21, 1868, Lucy died.

On September 20, 1868, James married Susan A. Glenn in Oconee County, Georgia., who had been born on  May 4 1837.

In 1870,  James V. Andrews 32, Susan 32, Frank 13, Cora 9, Mary 4, were enumerated in Oglethorpe County, Georgia where James ran a grist mill.  Frank, Cora and Mary were born before their James and Susan were married, most likely the latter two were children of James' first wife, Lucy, but where does Frank fall in?  

In 1880, James V. and Susan A. Andrews lived in District 237, Oglethorpe County, Georgia, with children Cora F. 19, Mary C. 14, Thomas J. 12, Mattie C. 8, Addie L. 6, Minnie M 4,  James L. 2, and an M.F. Glenn 23.   Whether M. F. Glenn is a son of Susan from a former marriage, a much younger brother, or a more distant relative, I have yet to be able to determine, but I'll go so far as to guess that he may have been the Frank who was counted as part of the family ten years earlier.    James was identified as a miller and a farmer.  Susan died Jun 16, 1902 at the age of 65.

In 1900, James V. and Susan F. Andrew lived in Glade, Oglethorpe County, Georgia with children Cora F., age 40, Addie L., 25, and William H. Andrew, 10 years.  James was identified as a farmer.

On June 16, 1902, Susan Andrew died and was buried in Glade United Methodist Cemetery, Point Peter, Oglethorpe Count, Georgia

On January 18, 1904, James married Mattie Durden.

On February 21, 1905, James and Mattie's son Andrew died  and was buried in Statham Cemetery, Statham, Barrow County, Georgia.  Mattie died three days later on February 24, 1905 and is also buried in Statham Cemetery.

At some point, probably circa 1906, James married Sarah Pearlee Darby, the daughter of  Julius and Nancy Hamilton Darby, and the widow of  George Lumpkin Hardman.